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Celebrating 50 Years

On Sunday 28th January 2024 we turned 50 years old. It's been a long journey through the merging of I D Corcoran Building Contractors and East Anglian Technical Mechanical Services Ltd (see our history in the About page if you haven't checked it out already), building up from a small team and taking on bigger and more complex projects as the years rolled on to where we are today.

It's also seen the company move into a new era in recent months with directors Ian and Bev Corcoran leaving the company and our Managing Director, Dave Corcoran, continuing our journey to keep growing and looking to improve in any way we can. Now we have turned 50 we can call this our Golden Era!

Thankyou to all our clients, suppliers and everyone who has worked for/with us over the years, it takes a team to be successful and in I D Corcoran's core values we have always recognised how important our team is, both our employees and everyone else who has any involvement in the projects we deliver.


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